I literally crave affection. It’s not about sex. I crave somebody to cuddle with me, and to lay their head on my lap. I crave kisses, holding hands and running my thumb across theirs. Just looking at someone and thinking “how did I get this lucky”.

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Sデス様 | 佑貴カイ [pixiv] 
Sデス様 | 佑貴カイ [pixiv

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Woops, didn’t notice my frumpy skirt!


Woops, didn’t notice my frumpy skirt!

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Don’t misinterpret my waifus or I’ll write at least 3 large paragraphs proving you wrong.

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Anonymous asked:
Assuming you read the manga, how do you think night raid can bounce back from all that's happened ?



I do read the manga and I don’t know.

To be honest I’m rooting for Esdese all the way, I love Akame, I love Mein and if they die I can survive but if Esdese dies forget it, I’ll drop the series.

It would be like Fire Emblem Awakening without Tharja, FEA and AGK are good on their own but Tharja and Esdese is what makes them amazing, I wouldn’t have played over 700 hours of FEA if Tharja wasn’t in it, I wouldn’t have made this blog if Esdese wasn’t in AGK because Esdese gives me my passion for this series.

So I really hope Esdese executes Tatsumi in the next chapter, he deserves it for being so insensitive towards her feelings and for being such an idiot and not trying harder to get her to join the revolutionary army.


What the hell, Tatsumi does not deserve to die just because he rejected somebody he didn’t love. In fact, she was the one being insensitive because she didn’t care about his feelings because she was gonna force hers upon him and “change” them anyways. And Tatsumi stopped trying to get her to join the revolutionary army because he already realized how useless it would be. After that island trip, Tatsumi finds out that she isn’t twisted and fucked up because of some grudge or by possession by the ice danger beast from her Teigu. She was fucked up because that was how she always was. It was her moral that the weak are weeded out so she has no sympathy for the common folk plus she already enjoyed torturing. Trying to convince her even further would have been pathetic. I love Esdese to death but Tatsumi does not deserve to die.

"I love Esdese to death but Tatsumi does not deserve to die."

Well that’s obviously not true or else you would be completely fine with sacrificing Tatsumi for Esdese.

The thing is Esdese is very ignorant about love and got advice from Bors to never give up so with Esdese’s forceful personality she took things too far, Tatsumi could have handled so many of their situations together he has no clue about how to treat or understand women and he has no excuse because he should have learned something from being in Night Raid and being in a relationship with Mein, Esdese is very misguided but has good intentions she just want to be happy with Tatsumi. (What’s with me and loving and defending misguided girls? First Tharja now Esdese)

Tatsumi barely fucking tried, he brought the subject up only once or twice and all he said was “Fight with me in the revolutionary army” he didn’t even fucking try to explain why he’s with the revolutionary army or give any reason why Esdese should join. People can change, morals and beliefs can change but not on love alone although Esdese’s love is very powerful. The longer they’re apart the more desperate Esdese gets to be by his side she offered him to be her subordinate but he idiotically refused and instead of joining her and slowly convincing her to switch sides by giving her his point of view and reasonings.

Why would anyone give up trying to convince the enemy’s strongest and most valuable general who has hundreds of faithful soldiers who will follow her to their own deaths if there was the slightest chance. Tatsumi’s utter stupidity might cost the lives of the rest of Night Raid so he deserves to die for not even trying to stop the empire by using their own against them, if anyone was going to convince Esdese it would have been Tatsumi.

I think the 4 most possible outcomes of the next chapter are

  1. Esdese executes Tatsumi.
  2. Esdese executes Tatsumi and at least one Night Raid member.
  3. Esdese executes Tatsumi and at least one Night Raid member, but the rest of Night Raid kills Esdese.
  4. Esdese get’s killed by Night Raid before she can kill Tatsumi.

I very much hope for 1 and I would survive 2, 3 or 4 and the series would just go downhill from there and wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable as it is now.

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